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What Is Rhino Club Card?

With over 700,000 discounts and deals nationwide, Rhino Club Card is the premier discount club in the United States. With the entire platform of discounts accessible on any phone through the Rhino Club Card app, the savings travel with you everywhere you go. With the onset of COVID-19 and the new work-from-home trend, we realized we could offer those looking for flexibility and work-life balance the low-cost opportunity to join with us as a Rhino Ambassador. With our training and ongoing support, anyone can make a flexible living selling memberships, bringing on new merchants, and referring wholesale accounts and fundraisers. Being a Rhino Ambassador can be fun, easy, fulfilling, and lucrative. We hope you’ll consider joining the team!

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How You Can Profit

As a Rhino Ambassador, you will have the unique opportunity to simultaneously profit from four different revenue streams to create your income. Best of all, they all have the potential for residual income as well.

    • Rhino Club Card Memberships: Earn money selling memberships and pocket effortless residual income every year when they renew their membership.
    • Advertising: With our digital advertising costing far less than traditional advertising while providing businesses with effective local and national exposure designed to bring in new customers and keep them coming back, it’s hard for merchants to pass up. Nonetheless, selling advertising alone allows you the opportunity to make a substantial income.
    • Fundraising: Receive a commission while helping nonprofits raise money for their cause by doing nothing more than providing a referral. A fulfilling way to make effortless income.
    • Wholesale Accounts: An easy way to gain ongoing commissions just for providing a referral.

When It’s A Win For Everyone

The Rhino Ambassador program allows you to help others in a win-win scenario where everyone benefits:

    • Rhino Club Card Members: are able to save money across the nation for a full year.
    • Advertising Customers: benefit from new and repeat business for next to nothing.
    • Fundraising Organizations: are able to raise the funds needed for their cause.
    • Rhino Ambassadors: receive the work-life balance of their dreams, all while helping others!

When it is truly a win for everyone involved, conversations become less about selling and more of a candid discussion about how you, as a Rhino Ambassador, can help them meet their needs and come out ahead.

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How Your Lifestyle Can Benefit


RV’ers, Travelers, and Nomads

  • Work from anywhere
  • Create your own schedule
  • Replace a fulltime income, or just cover expenses while you travel
  • Eat your way across the country for next to nothing
  • Monetize the connections you make as you travel and help others meet their goals

Stay At Home Parents

  • Work from home when you want, how you want
  • The Rhino Club Card opportunity was ranked #2 in the country for stay-at-home moms by Profitable Venture
  • Perfect for home schooling or being there for young ones
  • Gives you the flexibility to be there for your family and work around their schedule

Veterans & Military Spouses

  • Build your own business on your own terms
  • Build your business as slow or as fast as you want
  • Ask about our military discount
  • Perfect for easing back into civilian life

Those Who Want To Own Their Own Business & Be Their Own Boss

  • Starting a business can be scary, but that’s where we can help
  • Our training enables you to confidently hit the ground running
  • Generate income within days not months
  • You’re never alone. We’ll always be there supporting you and your business
  • Build a local business or one that stretches across the country
  • Create your own schedule and approach to work
  • Sell your business for a profit down the road
  • Ask about our take action bonus
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Active Retirees

  • Make supplemental income when you want, how you want
  • Work as much or as little as you’d like
  • Work in a non-physically demanding capacity
  • Remain social and active in your community
  • Make money while you travel

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